The Patching Zone is closing down

After more than 15 years we are closing down our creative and social enterprice. We would like to thank all young professionals, students, experts, boardmembers and partners for the inspiring work ! Our gained knowledge and expertise will be transferred to - and further developed at CASE (Centre for Arts & Sciences Education).

STARTS prize evaluation

The Ars Electronica Center in Linz invited Anne Nigten earlier this year to conduct a study to reflect upon the results of the STARTS Prize's first three editions.  She will be presenting the summary of the research during the STARTS day Wed. Sept, 9, 2020, 20:15- 20:30, for details on the program and stream:




The Patching Zone uses the 'Processpatching' approach, as developed in the PhD thesis by The Patching Zone’s founder and director dr. Anne Nigten as the most important method for creative research and development. 
Processpatching is a unique approach in which knowledge, experience and methods from different disciplines and backgrounds are used in combination.

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About Us

The Patching Zone is a trans-disciplinary R&D media laboratory where professionals work together with students and researchers. The Patching Zone makes a deliberate distinction between the terms trans and multi disciplinary. Unlike multi-disciplinary work processes where each team member sticks to his or her own discipline, in a trans-disciplinary project participants cross over the boundaries of their discipline.

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