LAB85, the City Lab for the gentrification of the Hoogstraat in Schiedam.
In 2017, we developed LAB85, an independent platform that connected top-down and bottom-up parties.
In LAB85 we worked on 5 different issues and assignments:
1 Mapping (visualization of Hoogstraat projects)
2 The further development of the Museum Quarter
3 Urban Next Economy experiences (shopping, working, co-creating and going out
4 Experience of the approach routes
5 Digital manufacturing, where the traditional way of restoring façades is combined with Digital Manufacturing
Partners: Grid360, St. Platform Digital Manufacturing, ARD, Stichting Mooi Werk, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Nationaal Jenevermuseum en Gemeente Schiedam, The Patching Zone (coordinator). LAB85 received a subsidy from the Creative Industries Fund NL