Co-design labs in  a networked ecology

Keynote Anne Nigten at the DGTF conference

Dessau, Germany


Crafting privacy by design: a design model in progress

Lecture by Anne Nigten Crafting privacy symposium

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (NL)


Introduction The Patching Zone & 360 degree video

Talk by David Jonas and Anne Nigten

Novia Sad, Serbia


Een innovatieve aanpak voor 'wicked problems'

Talk by Anne Nigten

Studium Generale Hogeschool Rotterdam (NL)


Transdisciplinairy creative R&D

Talk by Anne Nigten

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences  (NL)


Creative Approaches for Health and well-being

Presentation by Anne Nigten

International week, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (NL)


Design in a networked ecology

Keynote by Anne Nigten at City of Things conference

Delft University, Netherlands


Design in een genetwerkte ecologie

inaugural speech, by Anne Nigten professor research group Smart & Inclusive Society

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences



Processpatching, connceting creative R&D

Keynote by Anne Nigten

Ocad University, Canada


The Patching Zone creative en sociale innovatie

Talk by Anne Nigten for the teachers training course

Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de kunsten (NL)



Mediawerf doel en visie

Talk by Anne Nigten and Realph Boeije

Zadkine Rotterdam (NL)



Presentation and project announcement: Wilhelminapier experience by Ruud Visschedijk and Anne Nigten,

Architecture Film Festival, Lantaren/Venster Rotterdam (NL)


Presentation: Creative Patches in co-creation by Anne Nigten, DEWIS,

Delft Women In Science (NL) 


Paper and publication in conference proceedings: Explorations of ecological autarky in art, design and science by Anne Nigten and Michel van Dartel, Hanze University Groningen, ISEA 2013, Resistance is futile. Sydney (AU)


Panel participation : The future ISEA door Anne Nigten, ISEA 2013, Resistance is futile. Sydney (AU)


 Processpatching and case study Mediawharf 

guest lecture by Anne Nigten

Bridges seminar  Saxion hogeschool Enschede, Faculteit Art 'n Technology (NL)


Slimmer samenwerken,

Presentation at the Entrepeneurs square (Ondernemersplein) by Vesna Kovacevic


Presentation by Peter Criellaard, at the Education table (Onderwijstafel op zuid),  Chamber of commerce, Rotterdam  (NL)




Participatory practice  with Processpatching, case study Mediawharf 

Guest lecture by Anne Nigten

Royal Institute of Technology, and School of Architecture Stockholm (SE)


Presentations Mediawerf and Streetwise Billboards by Anne Nigten, Peter Criellaard and students Zadkine at the Zadkine Human Technology, infoday

Media artist as critical makers and thinkers

Guest lecture by Anne Nigten Graduate seminar

Hexagram, Centre for Research-Creation in Media Arts and Technologies, Concordia University  Montreal (CA)


Processpatching; How art can stitch research fields together

Keynote by Anne Nigten, Hexagram

Centre for Research-Creation in Media Arts and Technologies, Concordia University  Montreal (CA)



Guest lecture on creative and sustainable innovation in urban settings, Hanze University for Applied Science, Department for Architecture, Groningen (NL)

Guest lecture: Case study on Digital Art Lab, for students Master course Art education, Hanze University for Applied Science, Groningen (NL)

Lecture and workshop during the 'studiemiddag' and book presentation of art in public space at CBK Assen (NL)

Presentation case study: Digital Art Lab at Kunstfactor, national conference for Leisure Art Education (NL)

Keynote lecture during "The National day of Sustainability" at the Hanze University of Applied Science, Groningen (NL)

Lecture for RUG – FMI (Academie Minerva, Hanze University of Applied Sciences) collaboration course, afterwards mentoring the students of RUG and FMI

Lecture on sustainable and innovative projects in urban settings, KTH in Tensta, a satellite campus at Royal Institute of Technology and School of Architecture, Stockholm (SE)



Lecture and discussion "Why is there no art on board of a voyager star track ship" here we are Here we are everywhere; social media and society 3.0. conference, Academy for Pop Culture and Fryslan Pop, Leeuwarden (NL)

Lecture and master class, 'Variations on participatory design' for the art in public space assignment in Corpus den Hoorn, Centre Visual Art (CBK), Groningen (NL), October 2011, resulting in a workshop in November

Presentation 'Formulas for creative innovation' during the = Meer (= more)innovation and co-creation award ceremony, Zwolle (NL) October 2011

Real Projects for Real People, guest lecture and workshop, Centre for Urban Studies, Hammarkullen Chalmers & Gothenburg University (SE)

Community Art guest lecture and panel at Utrecht School for the Arts (NL), 

Workshop supervision, A Weird/Wonderful Street Fair, ISEA 2011, Istanbul (TR)

Workshop supervision, Research for Art Educators, Academy Minerva, Groningen (NL)

Presentation, Digital Art Lab, innovation in the amateur art sector, symposium Kunst Factor, Utrecht (NL)

Lecture "Sustainable Art?” at the Art & Science Night, Groningen (NL)

Inauguration lecture “The Art of Transformation” at the Academy Minerva, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (NL)

Presentation “The development of Digital Art Lab” at ICT Society, Zoetermeer (NL)

Lecture 'An introduction to Pop Culture, Sustainability and Innovation', Studium Minerva, Hanzehogeschool, Groningen (NL)



Presentation “Go for IT! the making process” at What Happened, Utrecht, (NL)

Keynote speaker: 'Real Projects for Real People' at TD-conference Zurich, organised by Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences (CH)

Presentation at the Art & Culture Symposium, Zoetermeer (NL)

Presentation 'Urban regeneration..... social and creative development' with Georgios Papadakis at 3-rd-i organised by V2_, Rotterdam (NL)

Lecture Urban Interventions, seminar organised by Baltan Lab and Virtual Platform at E-Culture Fair 2010, Dortmund (DE)

Seminar organiser and moderator “Urban Regeneration and New Technology;

What Could the Creative Industry Contribute?” at E-Culture Fair 2010, organised by The Patching Zone and Virtual Platform, Dortmund, (DE)

Presentation Mobile city, organised by the Mobile City and Virtual Platform, Shanghai (CN)

Presentation, at new media and writing seminar organised by KunstFactor, (NL)

Keynote lecture in (Un)limited Design conference organised by Premsela and Waag Society, (NL)

Chair in the seminar: “Up-cycling”  organised by Stroom, The Hague (NL)

Presentation and workshop i.c.w. Kristina Andersen, Andreas Zingerle, Pinar Temiz, ICT-Delta Conference, Rotterdam, (NL) 



Guest lecture “Processpatching as the creative method in The Patching Zone projects” MA program Hanze Hogeschool, Groningen (NL)

Presentation “Methodology applied in the Go for IT! Project” TU/e dept. Industrial Design, Eindhoven (NL)

Presentation and discussion forum, ICT-Delta-conference, Utrecht (NL)

Presentation “Creativity and co-creation” University Maastricht and Bonnefante Museum (NL)

Guest lecture “The ephemeral as 'the artist's material', collisions between the real and the virtual?” Hoghe Schule fur Gestalt, dept. Media Art, Offenbach (DE)

Guest lecture “How to Processpatch” Vienna, University of Applied Art, (AT)

Lecture E-mobilArt, University of applied Art, dept. Digital Art, Vienna, (AT) 



Keynote seminar “Choreography as Research” Danslab, The Hague, (NL)

Lecture “Urban Space, Time to Play” E-Arts, Shanghai (CN)

Presentation “Methodologies of Cultuur Lokaal” i.c.w. Kristina Andersen, Mirella Misi, Vivian Wenli Lin, pre-ISEA symposium, University of Belfast, Interface dept. Northern-Ireland (IE)

Presentation and discussion “Encounters between R&D and aRt&D: The art of the accident?” i.c.w. Jan Misker at Pixel Space Conference, Arts Electronica Festival, Linz (AT)

Presentation and discussion mini-summit, ASEF, Singapore (SG)



Interview "Best Practices; culturele sector gaat tot het uiterste" Surf Magazine December 2007 by Marielle Schipper-Heester (NL)

Interview "Experiments in Art and Technology" online magazine Digicult (IT)



Interview published in "Case Study: The Creative Laboratory'in The New Media Handbook, A.Dewdney, P.Ride (eds.) Published by Routledge 2006, (UK), ISBN 0415307120



Presentation and publication at CODE conference Cambridge (UK)