The Patching Zone uses the 'Processpatching' approach, as developed in the PhD thesis by The Patching Zone’s founder and director dr. Anne Nigten as the most important method for creative research and development. 
Processpatching is a unique approach in which knowledge, experience and methods from different disciplines and backgrounds are used in combination.

This method was developed on the basis of years of practical experience with interactive multi-media, gaming, art, culture and designing interfaces, completed with scientific research. Anne Nigten, director of The Patching Zone, describes this approach extensively in her PhD research: Processpatching, Defining New Methods in aRt&D.

In Processpatching knowledge (theory) and skills (practice) enhance each other. By working on a project base – and onsite – with a flexible team of experts, we create space in the projects to look for unorthodox, innovative solutions. Making use of (network) technology in a creative way is one of the most important aspects of modern day innovation. But expertise about how to use these means in an effective way in commercial and administrative processes is rare. The Patching Zone makes technology an integral part of the work process and has a wide-ranging experience in the strategic use of technology as well.  Processpatching offers both grip and flexibility, methodology and personal attention. This makes it possible to make a clear analysis of a project at any given time, in order to adjust your strategy based on this perspective. This dynamic is a precondition for innovative thinking.