Anne Nigten pitched during the NRO conference:
'Creatieve aanjagers: verrassende invalshoeken voor vraagarticulatie' (Dutch)

On behalf of Studio 21cs, The Hague University of Applied Sciences and The Patching Zone

We are happy to inform you that the long paper: 'Colliding systems: formal and real-life learning' by Anne Nigten and Annemarie Piscaer  has been accepted for ISEA2019, Lux Aeterna, in GwanJu, Republic of Korea. In this paper we analyse two case studies: Mediawharf (The Patching Zone) and Citylab air quality (Studio Dust).

The BunB2018 theme and program: New value Systems; Sustainability and social impact as drivers for value creation, will be shaped in the conference morning sessions by 4 splendid international keynote speakers who will take us on a big picture journey to learn about the construction of alternative economies (Brett Scott, SA/UK); How the (ecological) crisis could work as a game changer for transitions (prof. Derk Loorbach, DRIFT, NL); The need for unusual collaborations for climate resilience in area’s with ecological disasters (Fleur Monasso, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, NL); The hidden ecological impact of our consumer life (Babette Porcelijn, NL). The conference program is online available. BunB is sponsored by the City of Rotterdam, Creative Industries Fund NL, International vistors program of HNI and the Dutch Ministery of Foreign Affairs.

Sustainability and social impact as drivers for value creation

Balance-Unbalance (BunB) is an annual International Conference designed around art and design as catalysts to explore intersections between nature, science, technology and society. BunB 2018 New Value Systems will be hosted September 20th and 21st 2018 by The Patching Zone i.c.w. V2_, HNI, CARADT (Avans University of Applied Sciences), Creating010 (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences), Leonardo Journal, World Forum of Acoustic Ecology, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Center, Intelligent Arts e.v.a.. BunB2018 is supported by  the City of Rotterdam, HNI, Creative Industies Fund NL.

More info will be available online soon: the call for papers, panels, workshops and art works will be open by the end of Dec.2017.

Hybrid Learning environments; Designing innovative, participatory and sustainable solutions for complex issues
is available now ! Authors: Anne Nigten, Harry Kotey
In this whitepaper we suggest a practical approach for innovation that is based on a lifelong learning concept for professionals and scholars alike. Our approach is situated in a living lab environment where learning and practice converge. We refer to this as Hybrid Learning.


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