The Patching Zone, Kosmopolis Rotterdam, and Zadkine cordially invite you to the launch of the mixed reality game Are You For Real?, which will take place on the 23rd of May at 3 p.m. at the Jan Ligthartstraat 250 in Rotterdam.

During the last few months, the ICT and Human Technology students together with The Patching Zone’s team have worked extremely hard to create this game and we would like to share their work with you.



Come and join us on the 23rd of May! The kick-off will be at 3 p.m. Everybody can come and play. You will be equipped with special communication devices that will help you to fulfil your secret mission. Rotterdam South will become your playground. Or do you prefer to be behind the controls? In that case you can coach the players in the field and you’ll be in touch with your teammates by means of a new communication device. Now it’s up to you to fulfil your mission!

Background information:

Are You For Real? is a mixed reality game that is situated in Zuidplein and the Rotterdam central library. The players explore the boundaries of reality by using a new generation of communication devices. Public transportation, the iconic Erasmus bridge, the Willems bridge and the Maastunnel are no longer the only connections between the north and south of Rotterdam. Are You For Real? reveals a new infrastructure; one of digital and analogue communication channels and devices that players will use to explore both parts of the city on different levels. Players will be equipped with special communication devices that will help them to fulfil their secret mission and that will enable them to stay in touch with their coaches in the library, to interact between different locations and get acquainted with its inhabitants. Communication is therefore the key to crack the code and fulfil the secret mission.

Are You For Real? is based on the urban development of Rotterdam, since the city and its inhabitants change constantly. Identity, differences and interaction have become the core of Rotterdam’s DNA. In Are You For Real?, the players try to decipher the codes of that DNA. “The Other” plays and quintessential role, because it is an important part of the secret mission to unravel the identity and motives of “The Other”.



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