Sebastien, from Belgium, has been experimenting with audio, sound, and electronic Music since he was sixteen years old. Nonetheless, he worked in different technological fields before he started working with music professionally.

While working in the technological field, Sebastien added flavour to his career by attending the School of Fine Arts in Oudenaarde, where he successfully completed a part-time course in Mixed Media Art. This was also the place where he started working with sound and video art amongst others. After finishing the course, Sebastien moved to Brighton, where he obtained a Master’s degree in Digital Media Art at the University of Brighton.

Today, Sebastien works as an interdisciplinary media artist whose audio and video art works are being exhibited nationally as well as internationally. He creates his audio and video works by combining soft- with hardware.

Sebastien is very enthusiastic about Streetwise Billboards, since the social and human aspects play a key role in the project. Together with Sebastien, for instance, the Human Technology students are researching the possibilities of real-time sound manipulation and the potential role for human interaction in that particular process.



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