Ranti Tjan, former director of Museum GoudA. Project: Cultuur Lokaal.

"The Patching Zone was an eye-opener, not only for the audience but also for the people that work here and myself. The Patching Zone proved to be an organization that experiments on a high level, often without knowing exactly where this will lead. Through their methodology they visualize the issues and the proceses that lead to the end result."  (Real Projects for Real People I, 2010: 77)


Nick van den Berg, senior project manager at Rotterdam Development Corporation (OBR). Project: Go for IT!

"Business often specializes in little niches in the market, The Patching Zone focuses on a broad spectrum. It facilitates bonds and coalitions and makes the co-operation possible between organizations, companies and artists. And it is precisely this function, that is the motor of new business: combining people and introducing them to new technology but also to innovative ideas and new ways of marketing, that makes The Patching Zone unique." (Real Projects for Real People I, 2010: 129)


Andre de Groot, Rotterdam Development Cooperation (OBR), works since 2009 for the economical department of the city of Rotterdam and runs development programs. Project: Big South Lab.

I think The Patching Zone convinces […] young people that they have talent, and that it is important to show their talent, and also that the tools to do all this […] are easy to use. That is the most important long-term effect of The Patching Zone in Rotterdam Zuid: giving young people the conviction their culture and their creativity is the most valuable thing they have. Something to be proud of.” (Real Projects for Real People I, 2010:190)


Kevin Brito, intern from ‘De Nieuwe Kans’, an institution in Rotterdam South that gives people literally ‘a new chance’. Kevin is a dancer and graphic designer. Project: Big South Lab.

You cannot imagine how much The Patching Zone changed me; the fact that the people there appreciate what I do and recognize my talent and also who I am, gives me such a good feeling, there’s nothing like it.” (Real Projects for Real People I, 2010:197)


Ton Sandfort, director of Centre for Art and Culture (CKC) Zoetermeer. Project: Digital Art Lab.

What has been realized in the Digital Art Lab has given an innovation boost to the whole CKC organization. And it also had a positive effect on other starting innovation processes within the CKC, or, on occasion even served as an example.” (Real Projects for Real People II, 2012:158)


Berit Janssen, The Patching Zone team member. Project: Digital Art Lab.

I love the combination of creative work, organizing workshops and leading them. […] Originally I didn’t want to get involved with any visual arts, since there are team members who are way more talented at this, but then I found that video editing for documentation, or Processing for data visualization is not that hard to learn and a very handy experience to have. So in the past six months I’ve already picked up many new skills and I’ve been able to make creative use of my knowledge about music and programming.” (Real Projects for Real People II, 2012:90)