Dr. Anne Nigten (NL) is initiator and managing director of The Patching Zone.

Besides her work for The Patching Zone Anne Nigten is currently also quartermaster for the Centre of Expertise Art & Education at the Amsterdam University for the Arts. She worked previously as guest professor, researcher and professor at Interface Cutlures, Art Univeristy Linz (Austria, Utrecht university of the Arts, Research center Creating 010, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and Minerva Academie, Hanze University Groningen (NL). Among other jobs she was the managing director of the V2_Lab, the aRt&D department of the V2_ institute for the unstable media in Rotterdam.

Nigten is a frequently invited speaker and guest lecturer. Her presentations focus on practice lead research and development in the trans-disciplinary field from the perspective of the arts. She is an advisor and board member for several art organizations in The Netherlands and Europe. Anne Nigten received her doctoral degree at the University of the Arts London (GB) and regularly publishes about (social) innovation that derives from collaboration between art, technology and science.