The Patching Zone is a trans-disciplinary R&D media laboratory where professionals work together with students and researchers. The Patching Zone makes a deliberate distinction between the terms trans and multi disciplinary. Unlike multi-disciplinary work processes where each team member sticks to his or her own discipline, in a trans-disciplinary project participants cross over the boundaries of their discipline.

For the duration of the project the team members leave their usual professional frameworks behind and venture into new territory. This creates an unusual stream of ideas which can give new and unexpected twists to the process. By making use of changing and unusual combinations of disciplines a new ‘sum total’ is created, which is capable of dealing with complex questions in an innovative way.    

The Patching Zone’s staff has earned its spurs in New Media and the Arts and Culture sector, and in the business, science, care and education sectors. Supervised by dr. Anne Nigten they work together with a close, international team on socially and culturally relevant projects. Our projects are never ‘tech push’, but we are looking for fitting technology, always putting contents at the forefront.  

Products and services

The Patching Zone is a practical laboratory which works for socially engaged organisations, educational institutions, local and national politics and the business sector. The original interpretation of the talented team provides an important contribution to an innovative execution of the assignments. 

The Patching Zone is specialised in a variety of creative, social innovation trajectories. Every assignment is taken on in close collaboration with our (business) partners, so you can say that we work according to a trajectory that is made to measure for the organisation concerned. We ask for active contributions from our clients, so the innovative trajectory finds a strong foothold in the organisation. Therefore we prefer to speak of partners rather than clients. This willingness for collaboration is essential.

We offer our partners the knowledge and dynamic methods, which were developed in The Patching Zone. A condition is that our clients recognise themselves in the Processpatching Method, and are prepared to invest in the future. Implementing Processpatching in a meaningful way can be done with a number of variations. For example in a series of intensive workshops, meetings, seminars and individual coaching. Participants immediately practice what they learned. The trans-disciplinary collaboration, which is what is really important for The Patching Zone, is immediately applied in real, complex situations. Exchange is central. Team members freely share each other’s knowledge and skills, and everyone is trained to be open to new ideas in order to come to a better, more innovative, result.    

Projects completed earlier show that The Patching Zone approach leads to:

  • a hands-on innovation training trajectory for your employees
  • embedding of innovative thinking and development in your organisation
  • new business models; a process which concerns a whole company/organisation
  • a huge innovation and co-creation impulse for your organisation or business
  • new profiling and reassessment of your institution or business
  • the institution or company will become acquainted with an innovative, sustainable way of working
  • new business models, which then lead to new revenue streams
  • new networks and contacts for your institution or company

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